Simon Widdowson

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Simon Widdowson founded the successful Are You Listening Recording Studio in
Portland Oregon in the late 90's and recorded albums for dozens of artists including: Decemberists, Pete Krebs, Little Sue, Charmparticles, Man of the Year, Papillon and Hindi Guns.

Simon Widdowson's Are You Listening? Studio, the soundlab responsible for some of the shiniest gems in Portland's recent pop past
Zach Dundas, Portland Willamette Week 2003

Cork Ireland from 2005 to 2008 he recorded and produced albums for several notable Irish artists including Red Herrings, Driven, Arm the Elderly. Box Camera, Secret Police and Dardanelles.

Moving to Lyon France in 2009 and working freelance in studios with many successful French artists including: Karimouche, Zen Zila, Nanan and Novox. Mixing live concert recordings for television by lily Allen, Glasvegas and Slipknot

We worked with Simon on 3 albums while he was located in Portland. He was a huge part of our band, our sound. We had such fantastic experiences with him as an engineer and producer that even after he moved to France, we insisted on finding a way to involve him on our next record. He mastered our latest release for us and we could not have been happier. Simon is a highly competent and efficient engineer, and even more comfortable and easy to work with. He finds a way to push each musician to give more than they knew they had, on each track. He was always able to coax the best performances out of me in the studio. We miss having him here and highly recommend him
Kris Kirkman, Purusa

2015 the creation of Audio Arts Studio near Saillans in the South of France and then in 2023 the new Cream Tangerine Studio in a small village in Ardeche close to Montelimar.

Simon also works as a freelance recording engineer and producer in other studios and locations helping artists make their music sound as good as possible.

Nous avons eu le plaisir avec le label Z production de produire 2 albums avec Simon Widdowson / The Audio Arts. [novox] / Over the honeymoon et Nanan ! , tous deux salués par la critique pour leur son et la qualité du travail de Simon Widdowson que nous ne pouvons que recommander. Il est en effet rare de trouver un "producer" de qualité en France..savant mélange d'ingé son / réal, arrangeur et gourou. D'autre part le travail de compositeur à l'image de Simon est aussi à saluer. Longue vie à The Audio Arts !"
PA Gauthier / Z production & PAGE publishing

Albums recorded, mixed and produced by Simon Widdowson

FRANCE - 2009 to 2024
CAME - 2024 (FR)
Thomas Simian 2023 (FR)
Mike Noegraf - 2023 (FR)
Boréale - 2023 (FR)
Reno Danio - 2022 (FR)
Hindi Guns - 2022 (USA)
Low Parade - 2022 (FR)
Dezarno - 2021 (FR)
Sabine Delimal - 2021 (FR)
Linda Dubois - 2022 (CA)
Joharpo - 2020 (FR)
Cha Cha and the Magic Band - Nu 2018 (FR)
Xtrasystol 2018 (FR)
Lilee et Les Alibis 2018 (FR)
Remingway - Imago 2017 (FR)
The Long Road - Bluegrass 2016 (FR)
Alchemyst - Alchemyst 2015 (FR)
Stephanie Guimard - EP 2015 (FR)
Papillon - "All Day Tomorrow" 2011 (FR/USA)

IRELAND - Cork - 2006 to 2007
Secret Police - “demo” 2006 (IRL)
The Red Herrings - "The Red Herrings" 2006 (IRL)
Driven - “Driven” 2006 (IRL)
Dardanelles - "ep" 2007 (IRL)
Exit the Street - "ep" 2007 (IRL)
Wiggle - "ep" - 2007 (IRL)
Box Camera - "Box Camera" 2007 (IRL)
Arm the Elderly - "This is not for Entertainment" 2007 (IRL)

USA - Santa Fe New Mexico 2005
Broken Trophy - "Out here and alone" Are You Listening? 2004 (USA)
David Smith - "Fastest Machine" Are You Listening? 2004 (USA)
The Hindi Guns - "Patriot Act ep" French Fan Club" 2005 (USA)

USA - Portland Oregon - 2000 to 2004
Little Sue - "The Long Goodbye" 2002 (USA) *recording only
Charmparticles - "The Scenic ep" 2002 (USA)
Pete Krebs -  "I Know it by Heart" Cavity Search 2002 (USA)
Hindi Guns - "Hindi Guns" French Fan Club 2004 (USA)
Nicole Campbell - "Arms Distance" 2004 Wrought Iron Records (USA) *recording
Man of the Year" - A new and greater Tokyo" 2004 Tiny Beat (USA) *recording
Stephanie Schneiderman - "Fall Sessions" 2001 (USA)
Decemberists - "Castaways and Cutouts" Kill Rock Stars 2002 (USA)
Jackstraw - "Jackstraw" High Horse Music 2003 (USA)
Funk Shui - "Giant Size Masters" John Henry Bourke Music 2002 (USA)
Purusa - "Spectacle" 2002 (USA)
Purusa - "Repair" 2003 (USA)
Aaron Masonek - "The Waves" 2004 (USA)
Papillon - "Soledad" Papillonwerks 2002 (USA)
Brent Ballantyne - "Knowledge Tree" Thimble Music 2005 (USA)
Sweeper - "Frame" Are You Listening? 2005 (USA)
Ashleigh Flynn - "Chokecherry" Home Perm Records 2002 (USA) *recording

Joharpo - Songs from the Roots 2020 (FR)

Remingway - Imago 2017 (FR)

To Be - To Be Electric 2016 (FR)

I also played percussion and keyboards on this track. New French electro/hip hop group.

Nanan - Nanan 2015 (FR)
Contemporary jazz album with featuring some impressive musicians and released with a beautiful illustrated book. Recorded at Studio E in Montbrison and mixed at Audio Arts in Saillans.

Novox - "Over the Honeymoon" 2014 (FR)

Jazz Funk Rock with a 70's blaxploitation film vibe. Recorded at Studio E in Montbrison and mixed at Audio Arts in Saillans.

Karimouche - "Emballage d'Origin" Atmospherique 2010 (FR)
Recorded by Julien Lacroix in Toulouse and mixed at Studio Anatole in Lyon France.

Zen Zila - "Zen ZIla" Acte Public 2010 (FR)
Produced, recorded and mixed at Studio Anatole in Lyon France

Decemberists - "Castaways and Cutouts" Kill Rock Stars 2002 (USA)
Recorded and mixed at Are You Listeniing Studio in Portland Oregon.

Pete Krebs -  "I Know it by Heart" Cavity Search 2002 (USA)
Produced, recorded and mixed at Are You Listeniing Studio in Portland Oregon.

Hindi Guns - "Hindi Guns" French Fan Club 2004 (USA)
Produced, recorded and mixed at Are You Listeniing Studio in Portland Oregon.

Purusa - "Repair" Prepaid Friends 2015 (USA) - Produced, recorded and mixed at Are You Listening Studio in Portland Oregon.