Simon Widdowson

Simon Widdowson - Erebus Plume - Album 2019

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An instrumental album of ambient music based on and inspired by the adventures of Ernest Shackleton in his quest to be the first to reach the South Pole. He and three of his companions set a new farthest south record by reaching a point 97 miles from the South Pole. Members of his team also climbed Mount Erebus the most active Antarctic volcano.


Simon Widdowson - Looking for the Sun - Album 2017

"I could listen to Simon Widdowson all day if I’m perfectly honest. Have you had a long, exasperating shift at work? Rows with the in-laws? Stressed about over-expenditure from early Christmas shopping? Fear not, for Mr Widdowson could calm the heart rate of a raging bullock. Equally, if you’re in a happy-go-lucky kinda mood, just met the girl/guy of your dreams or are about to set off on the holiday of a lifetime, the man’s music is still the perfect soundtrack, like a permanently heated vest hugging your soul on the coldest of winter evenings." Loz Etheridge, God is in the TV

"from the emotional grandeur of ‘Forgetting You’re Gone’ to the sweetly haunting desolation of ‘It’s What You Do’ and from the spirited outsider country blues of ‘Outlaw’ to the romantic fascination of the album’s title track.  Each song has travel at its heart and conveys the same restless spirit as Harry Dean Stanton’s character did in the film Paris, Texas, that of a man who is still searching. It all makes for compelling listening" Simon Godley, God is in the TV

Simon Widdowson - Retractable Roots - Album 2016

Retractable Roots assuringly breaks the mould of the singer/songwriter; a role Widdowson had somewhat cast himself into particularly during the many years spent touring the USA in the 90's as essentially a troubadour folk singer. While some of Widdowson's later albums explored musical arrangements outside the typical folk singer model, Retractable Roots comes from an entirely different place. Playing all the instruments himself; drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesiser, percussion and piano and in a remote studio location free from the constraints as a live performer and indeed any outside influences.

"The broodingly atmospheric opener evokes comparison with the likes of I Am Kloot, perhaps even The Durutti Column, and the remaining journey – often instrumental – is one of the most cinematic experiences your ears will hear in a very long time. This is one truly gorgeous album. Luckily, Mr Widdowson himself was at hand to give us the lowdown on his multi-faceted existence and not inconsiderable genius behind both guitar and production booth" Loz Etheridge, God is in the TV, November 2016

"Retractable Roots is a seamless progression of cultural reference points: a souvenir of Simon’s unrelenting restlessness that has transported him across continents. Cultural references are interwoven with open guitar lines and an atmospheric texture of field recordings transplants the listener into a crowded train terminal, or into desolate Alpine climes. Widdowson’s new material stands apart from his previous albums, yet preserves many of the subtle inflections that characterise his work. Whether live or on record, it is a pleasure to be taken down the road of this man’s musical journey." Orlando Whitehead, Savage, Novermber 2016

Simon Widdowson Trio - A Little Bit Blue - EP - 2014

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CD currently out of print

After spending time in a remote rural location in the South of France Widdowson returned to a more folk/blues influenced sound and after writing several new songs Simon teamed up with local musicians Koko Harp on Harmonica and Thomas Boulenger on Double Bass. This new trio spent the spring and summer of 2014 performing around the region and recorded a new 4 song ep titled "A little Bit Blue".

Simon Widdowson and Bellecour - 5 Song EP - 2012

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Limited number available on CD and Vinyl

A group put together after Widdowson's return to France after spending a year performing solo acoustic gigs in the North of England. Widdowson's desire to play a little more electric was completed as on the previous album, with Pierre Granjean on bass but this time Lyon drummer Martial Macauley. Simon had met the two musicians while producing an album for French group Zen Zila and the trio quickly rehearsed a new song called "Safe Passage". A simple video of the group in the studio attracted the attention of a French record label which led to widdowson coming back from England to spend a couple of weeks in the studio with the trio and this 5 song ep was subsequently released in France by Fakir Music.

Simon Widdowson - The Loss of Innocence - Album 2010

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CD currently out of print

After moving to France Widdowson formed a pop trio called Smash Heroes who gigged around Lyon for a while and then Widdowson teamed up with bassist Pierre Granjean, keyboard player Christian Fradin and late drummer Francois Lebleu who tragically passed away shortly after the groups formation. A heartfelt desire to complete the project that started with Francois was aided by a phone call to Portland drummer Jason Bedard, who played on the album "Frame", now living in Copenhagen, who came to Lyon for a week to learn 10 new songs and spend a day recording live at Studio Hacienda in the Beaujolais. The album in many ways represents a tribute to Francois Lebleu.

Simon Widdowson - Frame - Album 2005

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CD currently out of print

Work began on the album Frame in Portland Oregon just before Simon closed Are You Listening Studio and it was completeted during the summer of 2005 before Simon left the US and moved to Ireland "Backing up Simon are three impressive musicians in their own right - bassist Kelly Simons, King Black Acid drummer Jason Bedard and Everclear keyboardist James Beaton. They play beautifully behind Simon's compositions. . An all around great talent, from writing the songs right through performing and production, this is a CD that you really can listen to over an over again. I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate the subtle strength of everything this recording has to offer" Steve Allat, The Muses Muse.

Simon Widdowson - Sweeper - Album 2002

Recorded with Portland musicians Ezra Holbrook on drums and Aaron Masonek on bass. "British-born recording artist and producer Simon Widdowson has recorded a new album, sweeper, his first release in four years. Relocating to Portland, Oregon in early 2000, Simon renovated a SE Portland warehouse, creating the Are You Listening Recording Studio and Art Space. He has since engineered and produced critically-acclaimed albums by top Northwest artists including Pete Krebs, Decemberists, Little Sue, the Charmparticles, Papillon, Purusa, Stephanie Schneiderman, and Jackstraw."Sweeper, a brooding romance-damaged pop album that can summon either Nine Inch Nails or Leonard Cohen as needed. On disc, Widdowson is a bruised yet refined presence, a guy who's been around but still has the energy to put his words across with muscle." Zach Dundas ~ Portland Willamette Week

Simon Widdowson - Weather Vane - Album 1999

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CD currently out of print

"A Weather Vane is an object in constant movement, pointing out new directions with changes in days and seasons. It's an apt image for singer-songwriter Simon Widdowson's artistic process and his perfoming activities and Weather Vane is the name of his new CD. The 33 year old British-born musician has found movement and change to be one constant in his journey from university student in Northern England to musical career in America. Beginning with a succesful Minneapolis band, The Rainjackets, his journey led him to Santa Fe four years ago. His performances and albums have moved from solo projects to band projects and back again reflecting his need to shake up his creativity. The CD is a simply recorded document of his songwriting that features his guitar and occasional harmonica backing. Woody Thompson, Santa Fe Reporter.

Simon Widdowson - Going Home Undressed - Album 1996

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CD currently out of print

" British singer-songwriter whose 1995 solo acoustic release Looking for Delilah proved popular with his followers alternative radio and music critics "Traveling was good for my own personal evolution and as a musician and stylistically I got better because I played so much but working with a band is much more enjoyable right now" he believes. Which explains why his latest release Going Home Undressed also includes the talents of drummer Andy Primm and bass player Justin Bransford as the Responsibles. Widdowson and his band have embarked on a US tour this summer, including stops in Cedar Falls Iowa City, Ames and Minneapolis." Melody Parker, Iowa Tribune.

Simon Widdowson - Looking for Delilah - Album 1995

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CD currently out of print

"Singer songwriter Simon Widdowson isn't just playing up to the journeyman artist stereotype, behind the casual melodies smart arrangements and typical British gift for irony there's a palpable restlessness to this guy and his songs. It isn't so much a vaunted hurried rush to judgment about himself or his subjects - quite the opposite. His third person observations and bittersweet testimonials of desire and devotion full of ambivalence and achingly confessed in perfection. But there's also a continual sense of self discovery and abiding curiosity about what's around the corner a dissatisfaction with the here. It could be the guys been permanently scarred by his years of wanderlust. A native of leads England Widdowson packed his bags and carried his fledgling musical ambitions westward setting down in Minneapolis back in 1986." Dave Kirby, Colorado Daily.

Simon Widdowson - Spearfish - Album 1992

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CD Currently out of print

Widdowson moved to the US in 1986 and after fronting pop trio Rainjackets and then the more acoustic based Simon Widdowson Group, Widdowson returned to a more electric format and with John Guion on bass, Mike Oslewski on drums and Pat Weeks on keyboards. The group recorded an album live in the studio at Lakesity Studios in Minneapolis with grammy nominated engineer/producer Rob Genadeck.