Simon Widdowson

Concert Date

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2018 - Sunday February 11th - Bouillon Paradis, Lyon 69007 (Duo)
Thursday February 16th - Le Cause Toujours, Valence 26000 - 8pm
Friday May 19th - Les Aubergistes,
Marsanne 26740 - 7pm
Sunday May 28th - Le Bouillon Paradis,
Lyon 69007 - 7pm
Wednesday July 19th - Globe Café,
Crest, 26400 - 7pm
Saturday August 12th - FNAC
Crest 26400 - 5pm
Friday September 22nd - Lézarts Café,
Valence 26000 9pm (Band)
Saturday September 23rd - Lézarts Café,
Valence 26000 9pm (Band)
Friday October 6th - Sur Les Quais,
Crest 26400 9pm (Band)
Saturday October 14th - Le Baron de Bayanne,
Alixan 26300 9pm (Duo)
Friday December 8th - Aux Bons Sauvages,
Lyon 69005 8pm (Duo)

Armed with an acoustic guitar and a handful of harmonicas, Simon performs a selection of numbers, both new and old. Often putting alternative tunings and open chord positions to good use, his guitar work is more than a mere accompaniment for vocals and harmonica trills: the audience is drawn in by his cool, refined style which frequently extends into elongated intros and outros. Amongst the ballads and blues that comprise his back catalogue, stand-out numbers include ‘A Little Bit Blue’ and ‘I Would’. It is particularly interesting to see how he adapts songs from his new album, which is multi-instrumental and ambient, to his solo set-up. Although stripped down, the songs remain compelling: it merits seeing him live as well as listening to the recorded versions.
Orlando Whitehead, Savage, London University College

2017 - UK
Friday July 7th - Bluedot Festival, Cheshire
Monday July 10th - Oporto, Leeds

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Wednesday October 12th at 7pm -
Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Sunday October 16th at 4pm -
Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
Tuesday October 18th at 9pm -
The Troubadour, London

Saturday July 9th - Andarta, Die 8pm
Wednesday July 13th - Kitchenette, Saillans 8pm
Thursday August 25th - Tchaiwalla, Die 7pm
Wednesday September 21st - Le Bistro fait sa Broc, Lyon 8pm
Sunday October 9th - Le Bouillon Paradis, Lyon 7pm
Thursday November 10th - Au Temps Perdu, Lyon 7pm
Friday November 25th - Les Voutes, Lyon 8pm
Friday December 16th - le Petit Troquet, Lyon 69004 6pm

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UK TOUR 2015
Friday March 27th - Shangri La, Carlton Club, Prestwich (Manchester) 8pm
Saturday March 28th - Blind Pig, Sowerby Bridge 7pm
Monday March 30th - Oporto, Leeds 8pm
Tuesday March 31st - Blues Bar, Harrogate 8pm
Wednesday April 1st - Nevermind, York 8pm
Thursday April 2nd - Flying pig, Cambridge 8pm
Friday April 3rd - Spice of Life, London 8pm

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Sun March 30th - L'Oignon, Saillans
Sat April 12th - Agend'Arts, Lyon
Sun April 13th - Agend'Arts, Lyon
Friday April 25th - Kaleidiescope, Die (en duo avec Koko Harp)
Friday May 9th - Bar le Picard, Pont-en Royans (duo avec Koko Harp)
Saturday May 17th - L'Estanco, Lens-Lestang (duo avec Koko Harp)
Sunday May 25th - L'Oignon, Saillans - (trio with Koko Harp and Thomas Boulenger)
Thursday June 19th - Tchai Walla, Die (solo)
Friday June 27th - Le Bal des Arts, Pont de Barret (trio)
Tuesday July 8th - Bar Les Claudelies, Les Vans (trio)
Wednesday July 9th - La Kitchenette, Saillans (trio)
Sunday July 20th - Le Clos des Lilas, Chatillon en Diois (trio)
Tuesday August 5th - Cafe des Tileuls, Montbrun les Bains (trio)
Tuesday August 12th - Fete de la Reboule, Espenel (trio)
Friday August 15th - Bar le Picard, Pont en Royans (trio)
Wednesday August 27th - La Kitchenette, Saillans (trio)
Saturday October 11th - L'Alandier, Cliousclat (trio)
Monday October 20th - Oporto, Leeds (solo)
Saturday November 8th - Bar le Picard, Pont en Royans (trio)

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UK 2013
Mon June 17th - Oporto, Leeds
Thu September 19th - Au Temps Perdu, Lyon
Mon September 30th - Oporto, Leeds
Tue October 1st - Blues Bar, Harrogate
Sat November 16th - Au Temps Perdu, Lyon
Fri November 22nd - Le Mulet Blanc, Clermont-Ferrand

Mon April 9th - Oporto, Leeds
Wed April 11th - Fulford Arms, York
Thur April 12th - Verve, Leeds
Sun April 15th - Yorkshire Terrier, York
Mon April 16th - Blues Bar, Harrogate
Tues April 17th - Whittles, Oldham
Wed April 18th - The Basement, York
Thur April 19th - Railway Venue, Bolton
Thu May 3rd - La Cooperative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrand
Thu May 17th - Au Temps Perdu, Lyon